Catch And Release (2022)
Ari Avanti makes his professional porn debut in this series from RJ Sebastian & Jake Jaxson. He is discovered peeking at the Daddy of all Daddies, Austin Wolf, at the local fishing hole. What happens next is no surprise! Join Carter Dane, Roman Todd, Avery Jones and Edward Terrant as they navigate hot scenarios where they pick up their partners and fuck them raw while cruising! Whether it be bent over a car, a tractor or inside a clothing store changing room, these guys are raring to go anywhere! Enjoy!
Cast: Carter Dane, Roman Todd, Austin Wolf, Avery Jones, Ari Avanti , Sebastian Green , Edward Terrant, Nikko Russo
02-08-2022
Fantasies Exposed (2018)
We all have a secret, sexual fantasy, each one uniquely your own, and for this group of hung young men, their deepest yearnings are about to be exposed in the sexiest way ever. A tag-teaming double penetration by your roomie and his older brother, a very persuasive spit-roasting by two masked gunmen and a foursome in the locker room with the opposing team – it's all going on and it won't be long before these guys are creaming! Even the drill sergeant is making sure the grunts under his command know how to follow orders. It's raunchy cock and
Cast: Tim Law, Jack Harrer, Adrian Smallwood, Aslan Brutto, Benito Moss, David Brukman, Evan Zero, Jack Rider, Lex Blonde, Martin Love, Michael Moon, Milo Taylor, Nick Daniels, Zack Hood, Denis Reed, Brad Fitt
02-08-2022

No Mercy (2021)

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No Mercy (2021)
David told Scott and Peto Coast to meet him in a discreet spot so they could both have their way with him. He wasn't disappointed when they tapped his ass and loaded his mouth and hole with their huge dicks.
02-08-2022
You Owe Me (2021)
Quin Quire is spying a random window when he happens upon Dante Colle getting dressed from the shower, he can't help but watch. When Dante notices, he's understandably pissed, but Quin doesn't waver, locking eyes with Dante and staring into the depths of his passion. While his roommate naps, Elye Black tries to secretly explore his anal fantasies with his giant secret dildo, but roomie Johnny Hill catches him in the act. Elye's pretty embarrassed until Johnny tells him the only thing he should be embarrassed about is messing with a dildo when
Cast: Dante Colle, Johnny Hill, Solomon Aspen, Donte Thick, Lance Weber , Carter Woods, Quin Quire, Elye Black
02-08-2022
Daddy's Boy Whore 35 (2022)
Vincent has always had a thing for blond twinks. So when his stepson, Jamie, comes to visit, Vincent is in heaven. Especially when he arrives wearing shorts tight around his ass. Ethan watched his stepbrother, Nick, touch himself as Ethan gave their other stepbrother, Alex, a massage. He could see that Nick wanted his hands all over his naked body too. After Ethan finished off Alex, Nick made his way to the table for some special treatment. Dan is taking a shower, and out of the corner of my eye, he saw his stepson, Al, checking him out. Dan
Cast: Al Keit, Dan Digiron, Ethan Chase, Jake Hayz, Jamie Kelvin, Nick Sawyer, Raj Mahal, Vincent Stone
28-07-2022
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