FamChaser (2022)


FamChaser (2022)

Mischievous twink Rourke tries to steal his stepbrother Zilv's car keys, but when he gets stuck under the bed, he gets caught red-handed! The dominant top has always fantasized about fucking his waifish stepbro, and with Rourke face, down and ass up Zilv is soon pulling down his sheer briefs and penetrating his hole! Once Zilv rescues Rourke from his predicament, the twink sucks his cock and gives him a hot footjob on the bed, then worships Zilv's feet and sucks his toes. After Zilv pounds Rourke's ass till the bottom cums, Rourke rides his stepbrother's cock and demands a hot creampie! This dude wanted to watch the hockey game, but his stepbro was so focused on his video game, he didn't even see him! At least the gamer lying on the bed in nothing but his boxer briefs gave him something enjoyable to watch instead. The dark-haired dude doesn't even look up when his stepbrother starts playing with and fingering his ass, and when the naughty blond stepbrother puts his cock in his face, he just starts sucking it! This horny stepbrother finally gets his attention when he starts fucking the gamer's ass doggystyle, and the bottom throws his butt back as he gets fucked, then takes a huge creampie. Felix Odair scored twice in his soccer game, and he's gonna score again when his stepdad picks him up. Felix fell and bruised his ass on the field, so the tattooed hunk pulls down his shorts to give it a little massage, then offers the athlete a sweet ice pop. His stepdad rubs the treat on Felix's injury to ice it, then starts teasing the twink's hole with it! Felix sucks both the cold pop and the hot top's hot dick at once, then rides his stepdad's cock as he jacks himself off and cums before taking a nice big facial.

FamChaser (2022)

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