Sir Peter And Rudy Gram Double-Team Zayd Andres


Models: Rudy Gram, Sir Peter, Zayd Andres
Sir Peter And Rudy Gram Double-Team Zayd Andres

Whenever the Lucas Men are in the presence of Sir Peter, they all have to take a number. That’s because everybody wants a chance to service his dick, which is already legendary, even by gay porn standards. Have you seen that thing in action? His huge and uncut, and when Peter is hard, he could break down a door with his member. You don’t have to tell Zayd Andres twice: as a new face among the Lucas Men, Zayd not only gets the opportunity to be with Sir Peter, but also Rudy Gram. Sir Peter and Rudy first introduced Zayd during a Bareback Auditions interview. But once that is over, it is time for Zayd Andres to get to work. When his mouth is full servicing one cock, his pussy hole is being filled up from behind. And Sir Peter can get in him so deep he can feel it in his stomach!

Starring: Rudy Gram, Sir Peter, Zayd Andres
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Oliver Hunt Bottoms For Bruno Galvez
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Bruno Galvez Tops Leo Bacchus
Bruno Galvez is a hulking hunk of a man, and best of all, he is all top. Bruno loves another guy who is more than comfortable being on the bottom and taking dick as his pleasure. Speaking of that, Leo Bacchus has only been in a couple Lucas Entertainment scenes so far, but he has made himself known and has already built a reputation by being a muscular jock who knows how to take dick. That is perfect for Bruno Galvez, because he likes his bottoms to be manly on the streets and pussy bitch bottoms in the sheets. First Bruno and Leo talk during a bareback auditions before the action starts. When they start their passionate encounter, they are feeling each others bodies and admiring one another’s muscles. But soon it’s the hard dick of Bruno Galvez that requires the most attention, and Leo Bacchus is on it!
Sir Peter Dominates Shae Reynolds
Shae Reynolds has convinced himself that there’s no cock too big for him to service. But that was before he met Sir Peter, who has one of this biggest and fattest uncut cocks to ever be filmed by Lucas Entertainment. Not only is Sir Peter packing an incredible punch in his underwear, but he likes it when his bottom guys learn a lesson in submission. Before he gives Shae Reynolds what he really wants—a hard and deep anal fucking—he leashes Shae as the bottom gets ready to give Sir Peter some oral service. Shae Reynolds is all too anxious to prove he’s a good boy and excited to serve the needs of Sir Peter, as his uncut cock is of godly proportions!
Kosta Viking Fucks Paco Rabo’s Ass
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Mauro Valiente Tops Brian Bonds
Mauro Valiente is back for round two on the Lucas Entertainment set in Puerto Vallarta, and this time he’s having his way with the handsome blond muscle bear, Brian Bonds! Mauro enjoys finding himself submissive muscular white men who enjoy getting between his legs and making sure his manhood is well taken care of. Since Mauro exudes pure machismo, Brian Bonds is drawn to him right away for some incredible gay sex. First Mauro plays with Brian’s hole and gets his feet worshipped. That’s all foreplay, though. Mauro Valiente has a huge fat Mexican cock in his pants, and he uses it in the mouth and ass of Brian Bonds!
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