Bare Black Boners (2016)


Models: Ben, George, Marvin, Sam, Nana, Steven, Colin
Bare Black Boners (2016)

Bare Black Boners (2016)

Starring: Ben, George, Marvin, Sam, Nana, Steven, Colin
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2016

Filmed on location, in a continent where gay is not permitted, these young African boys dare to be free to choose their lifestyle and risk the consequences. This collection brings you three hardcore and three solo scenes featuring cute young African gay males. The anal action is 100 percent bareback and all the guys are hung like a horse. This is gay ebony sex featuring youthful amateurs doing what they please and they have no intention of letting anyone tell them they can't. Grab this must have addition for your black gay porn library and enjoy these sexy boys from Africa.


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Czech Hunter 17 (2022)
Beautiful face, gorgeous body, blond hair, huge dick... He was my best catch in weeks. An outdoor action wasn't an option in this cold but he let me have a look at his firm ass and beautiful cock. It made me incredibly horny so I convinced the boy to come inside with me. There I took care of his huge cock and gently played with his asshole. I had to prepare him for my voracious boner. Today I saw a stunning cute twink. Once I started to talk about money I definitely got his full attention very quickly. I made him show me his dick right at the platform, and when I increased my offers, he agreed to follow me and give me a blowjob, but my main intention was of course to get my dick into this cutie’s little hole. He was coming from Ostrava; he didn’t like his job there and wanted to check out Prague. Maybe he was even thinking of searching for a job here, but he quickly added that everything here was more expensive than in his home city. No doubt about that. Luckily, I had a nice offer for him. Would he be willing to show me his body? Moreover, if so, how far would he go? I was supposed to meet a guy which I met on the street earlier today. I almost thought he would not show up since he was already 20 minutes late, but it was my lucky day; he walked in and came to my table. When I switched on the cam he got really nervous. I had to stop the recording and start it again after I explained to him that this is just my private hobby. Therefore, I started to ask him about his hobbies, his private life, and his financial situation. And, bingo! He was urgently in need of some spare money. Of course, no big surprise, but I was able to help him out. I offered him some money for a blowjob. He was not hesitating too long. So finally, I took him to a nearby place where we were alone to start with the real fun.
Seed Money (2014)
This new film from Cre8tive Juices that explores the exciting worlds of XXX porn shoots, strippers, and what it’s like to hook for cash to make a living. Everyone loves seed and everyone loves money, and this new movie brings them both together in an exciting, explosive, and 100 percent bareback XXX-perience.
Interview Hotshots (2021)
Colby Chambers sits at an office desk, crunching numbers for Spinicker Media. His work is interrupted by a bothersome call. In the next scene, Mickey Knox and Caleb Davis drive on an isolated road. There’s also a news clip about Leon Spinicker, a missing media executive. Caleb is nervous about his audition at Spinicker studios, but Mickey is the perfect hype man. They get to Spinicker headquarters and Mickey parks the car. At the front desk is Kimberly, a secretary. She directs Caleb to the office, making sure to get a second look of Caleb's backside. Mickey decides to wait in the company’s lobby. When we see Caleb and Colby again, Caleb is just in a jockstrap. As they make out, Colby grabs two hands of booty flesh. Eventually he gets on his knees and gives Caleb a blowjob, making him whimper and moan. Caleb pulls Colby up from his knees and lies on the desk. He puts the aspiring actor's feet on his shoulders; Colby enters that muscular ass. Caleb grabs the desk, holding on. All that pounding pushes Caleb over the edge. He jerks a load, coating his abs and forearm. As this serious ass breaking is going on, Mickey is still waiting. As for Kimberly, it's lunch time. She brings out her meal, putting on headphones. Mickey looks for something to read, discovering the movies Spinicker specializes in. He rushes to the back. The office door is open. First he hears the sex noises. Then he sees it all. Caleb, legs in the air, getting busted by Colby. Mickey stares, jerking his meat. Caleb turns his head and motions Mickey to join the fun. Colby kisses him and returns to pounding Caleb. He gets a respite as Colby bends Mickey over. Mickey sucks on Caleb's nipples as Colby fills up that smooth ass. Mickey and Caleb make out. Mickey's moans fill the office. Mickey spurts his seed all over the desk. Colby nuts too, pulling out and jerking his man milk on Mickey's hole and cheeks. Poor Kimberly is still working. Enjoy!
Bare Instinct - Raw, Rough and Ready (2015)
Intense lust and passion, sweaty rough sex, and a good old fashioned threesome grudge fuck set the tone for this collection of one solo and four hardcore gay Asian bareback sex scenes. Enjoy 10 silky smooth Pinoy boys giving it all they've got and taking every raw inch. Rock hard and ready, the action doesn't end until they are all dripping in freshly pumped cum.
Coffee And Cocks 2 (2022)
These twinks and twunks like to wake up with something hot to put in their mouths!
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