Taken Bi Surprise! (2022)


Models: Bambi S, Denny, Elly, John Beg, Koko Blond, Lady Masha, Lenny, Lucho, Lucy Lu, Miki, Mito Kovac, Nina Sus, Ricardo, Tom Bacan
Taken Bi Surprise! (2022)

Taken Bi Surprise! (2022)

Starring: Bambi S, Denny, Elly, John Beg, Koko Blond, Lady Masha, Lenny, Lucho, Lucy Lu, Miki, Mito Kovac, Nina Sus, Ricardo, Tom Bacan
Categories: Bisexual
Date Added: 2022

Sometimes bisex happens by surprise and that is exactly the case in this movie. In the 1st scene a young boy enjoys the sex he has with 3 lovely mature ladies. Once he is blindfolded, a boy comes in who also wants to suck his cock. The result is 1 Bisexual Orgy that will have everyone moaning and squirting with pleasure!


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Secretly Bi (2022)
Recently bisexual trainer Draven Navarro has been hooking up with one of his clients. Aria Valencia is a young 19 year old that attends the college near the gym Draven works at. He trains a lot of the men from the college and likes to keep his sex life to himself. He does not want it to get around he also tends to have sex with men as much if not more than women. Some might call him gay. In any case, the little nymph Aria wants to have a threesome so he brings him over to a bodybuilder friend (Davin Strong)'s house whom he knows will keep his bisexuality a secret. Unfortunately during the heat of the threesome Draven realizes he cannot resist a stiff cock right in front of his face. He naturally just sucks it. Now this is what Aria really likes and like any girl goes crazy over to men sucking each other. This is her dream and it's becoming a reality with her big buff butch lovers. Holy fuck they not only suck each other and power fuck the hell out of her they also pound each other's ass. Now this is a day to remember.
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The secrets are out! The seductive families are back again! Bi Empire proudly presents "Bi Family Secrets Vol. 3" Step in to the world of the most relentless family fun ! In four back to back scenes, of the wildest bi sex! Loaded with steamiest positions and cumfilled orgasms! Do not miss this next release!
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Just Getting Bi (2005)
It's all good, even when you're Just Getting Bi! Nothing is left to the imagination in this one, with raw outdoors fucking and multiple bi-sexual sandwiches! Things are always hard when you are Just Getting Bi but one thing that you must always remember is that you are never alone! There is always someone else out there that is feeling the same things that you are...and when you find that person or people you must live it up and share everything with them! That includes your asshole, pussy - if you have one - and cum! You can have everything and experience great things just By Getting Bi!
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