Bi Cuck Hubby (2012)


Models: Babs, BLKMaarq
Bi Cuck Hubby (2012)

Bi Cuck Hubby (2012)

Starring: Babs, BLKMaarq
Categories: Bisexual
Date Added: 2012
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Babs and cuckboi BLKMaarq making white hubby suck his BBC to get it ready to fuck the married white slut. Babs is a bad girl, and she loves to watch as her husband is compelled to suck her black lover's cock. She lets him get it rock hard, and then she climbs on top and rides it. She even makes her husband lick her pussy juice off her lover's dick! Later, Babs takes that black dick in her ass and then makes her husband lick her asshole while she fills her mouth with that black prick!


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