Corn Fed Studs (2017)


Models: Austin, Logan, Ean, Cameron, Assplay, Joey, Cole, Perry, Milo, Trevor
Corn Fed Studs (2017)

Corn Fed Studs (2017)

Starring: Austin, Logan, Ean, Cameron, Assplay, Joey, Cole, Perry, Milo, Trevor
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2017

They say that opposites attract, but there's nothing hotter than a Strange Attraction that has a heady chemistry that sees smoking hot, muscled studs linking up to create sexual magic together. Could the attraction be that these boys are bi-curious and wanna taste and take cock for the first time? Maybe, but there is some serious kissing and body worshipping kicking off the action before these guys ramp up the heat to the next level. Your voyeuristic side will be piqued as hard dicks are squeezed, pulled, sucked and swallowed before irresistible asses are playfully presented and these new lovers dive right in to dole out a rigorous rimming, a teasing tonguing and of course a hole stretching hammering! Mixing it up in the sex game sometimes makes for the hottest couplings that sees loads of thick cum being pumped all over bulging pecs, abs and handsome faces!


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