Str8 Chaser 25 (2021)


Models: Milo Madera, Joel Mason, Roman Todd
Str8 Chaser 25 (2021)

Str8 Chaser 25 (2021)

Starring: Milo Madera, Joel Mason, Roman Todd
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2021

Sometimes you chase the straights, and sometimes they come to you, like my neighbor, Roman Todd, who knocked on my door to borrow a cup of milk. I offered him some cash to show me his cock and get it hard. For another couple bills he let me touch it, and my fat wad enticed him to get on his knees and suck my dick, then bend over the counter for me to fuck his ass. Roman rode me on the floor, and I laid him on his back and pounded him till I came. He must have liked it, because he jacked his cock and shot a big load! I was just getting home when I saw this curly-haired, muscular stud in the parking garage, and I had to get closer for a peek. It took a lot of cash and persuasion just to get Milo to take his shirt off and flex his perfect biceps for me, but he was really broke, so when I flashed my thick stack of bills I got him to come up to my place and start taking off his clothes. That muscle ass is amazing, but what I really wanted to see was his lips wrapped around my cock, and for a few more bills he gave me a good blowjob. He really needed the money because soon he was on his back taking my dick, and then he flexed his muscles while he rode me. I fucked him doggystyle till I came and then watched him jack off till he blew a thick load. Joel Mason is three months behind on the rent, so I have no choice but to serve him with an eviction notice. Unfortunately, he can't think of anywhere he could get the cash from... but when I find a big dildo in his night table, I offer him a quick hundred bucks if he'll let me watch him use it on himself. He strips and lies down on the bed, spreading his cheeks for me and licking the toy before working it into his hole. For another hundred, he sucks my cock and gives my balls plenty of attention, and he's so horny that when I ask if I can fuck him for $100 more, he immediately gets on the bed on all fours. I fuck his hole in doggystyle, then pound him mish as I jack his dick till he cums before giving him a huge facial.


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