Gentlemen 31 - Executive Submission (2022)


Gentlemen 31 - Executive Submission (2022)

Gentlemen 31 - Executive Submission (2022)

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Date Added: 2022


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Chocolate On The Bottom (2018)
If you saw the hot three-way these boys had, you already know them fucking one-on-one is gonna be just as mind-blowing. They were both stoked when they heard we were taking a trip to Vegas, but even more, stoked when they found out they were sharing a room. Miller loves getting fucked by a nice thick cock, and Ash definitely provided that. Ash had Miller squirming all over the bed as he thrust from the tip of his cock all the way down to the thick base where his balls slapped against his cheeks. And who doesn't love a hot, internal cum shot, Ash flipped Miller onto his stomach, held him down, and pumped his load that he'd be saving up for a week deep into Miller's ass! This will definitely be a video you can watch multiple times! Ever in the mood for someone to just pull up on their motorcycle, make you stop whatever you're doing, and bareback you over his bike? That's what Dante did to Trent, and it was fucking great. We were mid-story about one of Trent's gym hookups when Dante rode up, but he didn't seem to mind the interruption considering what was about to go down. Trent's 10-inch cock swings around as Dante grabs onto his hips from behind and pounds his hole doggy style. Dante unloaded his first load with Trent on his back, and they used his cum as lube as they kept fucking. Once Trent busted his load, they used his cum as lube too, and Dante busted his second load all over and inside Trent's already cum covered hole!
The Perfect Twink (2019)
Beautiful boy Kyle Brant is uncomfortable with the undue attention he tends to receive from other guys, but boyfriend Scott Finn is really turned on by the idea of so many others lusting after what belongs to him. First loves are never easy, and for Julian Bell and Theo Brady, things are complicated by the fact that Theo is afraid of publicly outing himself to his parents, so as much as it pains Julian to have to part ways, he doesn't want to live a lie. Jake Porter knows what he wants, but he just doesn't think it exists, much like Bigfoot... he's heard rumors but has never personally seen one: the Perfect Twink. But Jake becomes a believer when he finds Greyson Lane. Scott Finn sucks Quentin Gainz's cock when the other two boys, Ian Oakley and Evan Landers, are surprised to find out what's going on inside the house. They decide to jump right into the fun. The guys take turns on each other, fucking all over the couch.
Train My Hole (2022)
If you’re trying to get drilled down by a fat slab of dick, but your hole hasn’t learned how to take an XXL cock just yet, then you need to call up one of these hung, patient studs and tell them this one direct command, ‘Train My Hole’. From award-winning director Marc MacNamara, this film chronicles the stories of four tops who are looking to stretch out the untouched backdoors of four bottoms and ready them for the biggest, hardest cocks they’ve ever experienced. It’s been years since Will Braun has been in front of the camera, but adult superstar Cole Connor and his big dick are there to make sure that his big return to bottoming goes off without a hitch. Andre Donovan has never bottomed for anyone, but boyfriend Reign just beat him in a series of horny games and now he has to open up his hole. Under the guidance of Reign, the first-time bottom bends over and readies himself to take every inch of his man’s impressive meat bareback. Virgin Grant Ducati has never been able to fit more than a finger in his ass, but professional porn hunk Cade Maddox is ready with an arsenal of toys to stretch him out until he’s able to handle the entirety of Cade Maddox’s famous meat. Caleb Manning is aching to lose his virginity but doesn’t think that his hole can deal with even half of Max Konnor’s 10” monster. Never one to back down from a challenge, Max Konnor immediately begins training the young twink’s unused ass to take his massive member. So, no matter how inexperienced you are with anally swallowing a hung stranger’s cock, all you need to do is find one of these gracious tops and let them know that you and your tight ass need someone to ‘Train My Hole’.
Bareback Fun (2022)
Sex with another guy can be fun, but there’s always those boys who are more than happy to push boundaries. Lads like John Parker, Noah Matous and Tim Walker, who can’t wait to see whether it’s possible to get just one more dick up the hungry tight arses on offer. The result is this terrific double-penetration inspired fuck-fest; with a collection of some of the filthiest beauties getting stretched to the max by some of the biggest, fattest schlongs that Czechia has ever produced. If you like your porn on the vanilla side then maybe look elsewhere. If the thought of cute, smooth fuckers getting skewered multiple times floats your boat, however, then this is for you. In short, a wonderful, spunk-inducing frenzy from start to finish!
Nerds In Heat (2022)
It might not be socially acceptable to openly admit but there’s no denying that there can be something really appealing about a young nerd. Especially when they’re as hot as fuck, are on heat, and are ready to go totally bareback with other nerds whenever the urge takes them. Fortunately for all those secret nerd fans out there, Bare Twinks have assembled a whole classroom of such gorgeous lads, such as Justin Cross, Tyler Thayer and James Stirling, who are only too happy to grab the chance to suck and fuck like the wild animals they truly are. The result is exactly the kind of no-holds-barred suck-and-fuck-fest that will have you jerking almost endlessly; with only a torrent of cum bringing their raucous antics to a satisfying end!
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