Nerds In Heat (2022)


Models: Holden Ross, Tyler Thayer, Carmen Delano, Connor Jacobs, Elijah Young, Kayden Alexander, James Stirling, Chris Summers, Justin Cross, Andrew Callahan, Jasper Robinson
Nerds In Heat (2022)

Nerds In Heat (2022)

Starring: Holden Ross, Tyler Thayer , Carmen Delano, Connor Jacobs, Elijah Young, Kayden Alexander, James Stirling , Chris Summers, Justin Cross, Andrew Callahan, Jasper Robinson
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2022

It might not be socially acceptable to openly admit but there’s no denying that there can be something really appealing about a young nerd. Especially when they’re as hot as fuck, are on heat, and are ready to go totally bareback with other nerds whenever the urge takes them. Fortunately for all those secret nerd fans out there, Bare Twinks have assembled a whole classroom of such gorgeous lads, such as Justin Cross, Tyler Thayer and James Stirling, who are only too happy to grab the chance to suck and fuck like the wild animals they truly are. The result is exactly the kind of no-holds-barred suck-and-fuck-fest that will have you jerking almost endlessly; with only a torrent of cum bringing their raucous antics to a satisfying end!


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