Love Triangle (2021)


Models: Rudy Valentino, Pierre, Chase Anderson, Milan Sharpe, Clay, Carlos Conell, Timmy Taylor, Marco Will, Xander Hollis, Tom Nutt, Kevin Ateah, Borodin
Love Triangle (2021)

Love Triangle (2021)

Starring: Rudy Valentino, Pierre , Chase Anderson, Milan Sharpe, Clay , Carlos Conell , Timmy Taylor, Marco Will , Xander Hollis, Tom Nutt , Kevin Ateah, Borodin
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2021

There’s nothing like a hard dick to get the likes of Xander Hollis, Tom Butt and Timmy Taylor excited; but rest assured that they get even more worked up when there’s the prospect of two handsome ramrods to enjoy. As you’ll very quickly discover when these lads – and all their equally horny east-European buddies – get together for some of the hottest action ever compiled in one place. Believe us, these boys can’t get enough of those meaty, throbbing inches; as they join together for a collection of duos and trios that will quite literally have you blowing your top in next to no time. And with a tsunami of teen-jizz getting splattered in every direction, we’re sure this is one juicy love-triangle you won’t ever get enough of!


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