Raw Euro Boy Lust (2021)


Models: Victor, Florian, Philipp Krauss, Janko Sula, Denis Raw, Jeremy Nagy, Dan, Mike, Adrian, Luis
Raw Euro Boy Lust (2021)

Raw Euro Boy Lust (2021)

Starring: Victor , Florian , Philipp Krauss , Janko Sula, Denis Raw , Jeremy Nagy, Dan, Mike , Adrian , Luis
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2021


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Dirty Buddies 3 (2020)
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Raw Teenage Kicks (2020)
Bad boys looking to get off turn to each other to help out with their hard boners and heavy cum loads.
Wildest Dreams (2018)
Josh Moore and Allen King head up a cast of our hottest guys to fulfill their wildest fantasies! Whether it be being tied up, being blindfolded or taken two huge cocks at once in an epic double penetration, our guys have had their dreams come true!
Dungeon Chronicles (2021)
When you're as big a cum addict as lean and handsome David is, there's only one thing to do: offer your face to every man at the sex dungeon as a jizz receptacle. David is already covered in spunk when Pavel Sora arrives and slides his cock into the blindfolded bottom's mouth. Pavel cums on David's tongue, then uses his mouth to get hard again before bringing the horny bottom into the dungeon and fucking him missionary and spoon. By nothing but candlelight, tattooed blond top Ryan Cage makes his way down to the dungeon where hairy bottom Jerry waits in the dark, ass spread, to be used. Ryan spanks Jerry, caressing his butt and thighs, before turning on the light so he can get a good view of Jerry's hole as he fucks it doggystyle. Jerry sucks the top's cock and Ryan swallows the bottom's meat before urging him to ride his dick, then fucking that hole from behind in spoon. Ryan doesn't even stop fucking Jerry after he cums, until the bottom is ready to shoot his load on Ryan's chest. Blindfolded, bent over, ass open, tattooed bottom Ryu is a cum repository for every man who wants to use his hole. After another anonymous guy cums all over his ass, Dee fingers the jizz into Ryu's hungry hole before fucking him doggystyle. Ryu sucks Dee's cock before Dee takes off the blindfold and fucks Ryu on the floor, and the sub rides the top's big cock, then makes himself cum before assuming his position so the dominant Dee can blow his load all over him. Butt-naked and blindfolded, submissive slut Dom Ully waits patiently in the dungeon. Dom breathes heavily in anticipation of being used by his master Peter Uman. Peter shoves his fingers down eager Dom’s throat before filling him up with his hard cock.
The Last Course (2021)
If you could invite all the men that you've had sex with to the same dinner party, what would you do with them? James Montgomery disappeared from public view over a year ago. But his legacy still impacts the six men he spent his life with. When they each receive a mysterious invitation in the mail, they have no idea they are about to embark on a twisted journey to reunite with the man they all think they know.
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