Stepbrothers Gotta Fuck (2021)


Stepbrothers Gotta Fuck (2021)

Stepbrothers Gotta Fuck (2021)

Starring: Johnny B, David Skylar, Tannor Reed, Greyson Lane, Dacotah Red, Beaux Banks, Princeton Price, Ryan Jordan
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2021

80's hunk Princeton Price is all dressed up for the wedding when his girlfriend cancels last minute. He needs a date asap and - lucky for him - sexy step-brother Beaux Banks is always happy to lend a hand. Hot step-brothers Johnny B and David Skylar are helping move boxes into Dad's place when they find something they weren't expecting... a box of gay porn, toys, a camera and the chance to follow their deepest desires. When seductive Greyson Lane and his boyfriend go to bed, horny stepbrother Dacotah Red can't help but notice their hot asses. Hoping Greyson will offer some relief for his throbbing cock, he walks in naked to wake his stepbrother up. Greyson agrees, these stepbrothers gotta fuck. Ryan Jordan just finished his baseball practice and needs a massage to relax those worked muscles. He calls his handsome stepbrother Tannor Reed, because what is more relaxing than getting a handsome man massaging you.


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