What's Your Kink 2 (2021)


What's Your Kink 2 (2021)

What's Your Kink 2 (2021)

Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2021

We explore more kinks in this volume. Troye Jacobs climbs into a sling and lets Drew Dixon pound him raw. Leo Grand loves to be watched and gets turned on while Zach Astor fucks him on camera. Watch Brock Banks and Felix Fox worship each other's muscled bodies and Kane Fox play with a tied up Zeke Wood. Enjoy!


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Black Maled 2 (2021)
Man Royale brings you four hot and heavy interracial XXX encounters that deserve your full attention! Dillon Diaz gives Bo Baxxter a rubdown he will never forget. Tyler Slater and Liam Cyber explore their feelings and assholes together. Tom Bentley and Hunter Triad take a retro costume party to the next level. Marcus Rivers gets the surprise of his life from his masseur, Liam Cyber.
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Tumbling Towards Ecstasy (2021)
Michael Boston is doing his best as he practices his routine in a sexy low-cut unitard, but his hardass coach Reese Rideout chews him out and sends Michael to the showers. Michael insists to his coach that he'll do whatever it takes to prove his dedication, and luckily Reese has something in mind as he gets out his hard cock. The guy's stroke each other's lengths before Michael deepthroats Reese, then the gymnast does a full split lying on the bench while his coach sucks his dick. Reese pounds the flexible bottom athletically till Michael cums, then paints him with his jizz. Dante Colle and Michael Boston are in stiff competition. Michael disses Dante's form, so Dante reveals his huge bulge. Dante's big dick gets hard in his unitard, and the bad boy hunk teases his opponent by grinding his cock right over Michael's face. Michael rips open Dante's leotard and gives him a foot job, then swallows him down, so Dante rips open Michael's outfit and fucks him doggy style. Dante pounds Michael's ass on the vaulting horse, then the horny bottom rides Dante on the mat till they both cum. Rival gymnasts Michael Boston and Dante Colle are not pleased to discover they've been double-booked for a massage, but Collin Simpson assures the athletes that he can handle both of them at once.
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Learning To Sweat (2021)
It's Ryan Jordan's first time at the HappyWoods Spa and Treatment center, and he's a bit overwhelmed at all the options. Carter Woods can sense Ryan's trepidation and promises Ryan he'll take care of him. Julian Brady is at the gym working out when recruiter Anthony Moore approaches him. He's wondering if Julian is interested in signing up for a gym membership. Julian doesn't want to be bothered and Anthony is discouraged that he won't get any more recruits for the gym. Anthony follows Julian home where he shows him the benefits of his special package. As Scott Finn rests for the day, trainer Dante Colle tries to get him up for their session. Scott's not exactly motivated to go to the gym, but Dante is determined to get him in shape, one way or the other, even if he has to work him out right here in his bed. It's cold outside but it's already hot in the gym as studs Justin Matthews and Dakota Payne are breaking a sweat. Dakota's squats are not getting unnoticed as Justin checks out his tight ass. After a quick tease in the shower, they both go home to give into their after gym euphoria!
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