Blacks On Boys 17 (2019)


Blacks On Boys 17 (2019)

Blacks On Boys 17 (2019)

Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2019

These horny white boys want big black dicks and get plenty of it in this all interracial cock-fest!


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Deep Dick Therapy (2021)
Just because Spencer Laval likes to take his time getting ready doesn't mean that he's some prissy schoolboy, and if Jackson Cooper keeps poking the bear he's gonna find out the hard way what Spencer is all about. Yard guy Markie More may not be very good at lawn maintenance, but that doesn't mean he's not a hard worker who knows how to use his tools. Jeremy Spreadums can see the tool Markie is housing in his shed, and if he can't have a nice lawn, he can at least get a little plowed. Bored with their mundane sex life, Aspen suggests he and partner Jamie Steel try something a little more adventurous, as suggested by their therapist. It's finally time for Scott Finn to eat. Justin Matthews has listened to the public cries for someone to give Scott some vital nourishment, and he's decided he's just the man for the job.
Asshole Alert (2021)
They're as cute as fuck and as horny as dogs in season, exactly the kind of boys that will appeal to anyone who loves twinks in their prime, as they suck and fuck like the total whores they were surely always destined to be. Lads like Tim Law and Noah Matous, who could never say no to any thick, throbbing piece of manhood, and who are soon sucking and fucking like animals without so much as a condom in sight. Whether they're copping out in their bedrooms or enjoying a spit-roasting threesome in the park, these fresh-faced beauties aren't happy until they've had their butt-holes packed to capacity; culminating in the kind of total white-out spunk-blast that'll have you yanking on your own dick to a sticky crescendo!
Yes Father 3 - Penance (2021)
As Dakota continues his education at St. Patrick's Catholic School, he finds it harder and harder to deny his craving and when he finds a kindred spirit in his fellow classmate, Mason, the flood doors are opened. Father Gallo has been condemned for his indiscretions with the boys but Father Fiore sees the potential within Gallo and wishes to help it grow. Carter confesses that he is unable to keep from touching himself and is shocked when Father Oaks asks if anyone else has ever touched him. Father Gallo senses Dakota's insecurity and knows it will take only a little prodding to get the boy to do whatever he wants.
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Twinks In Shorts presents hot young dudes enjoying massages that lead to a happy ending!
Sucker Mates (2021)
Twink hardcore passion, 100% bareback!
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