Jam It Up My Ass (2017)


Jam It Up My Ass (2017)

Jam It Up My Ass (2017)

Starring: Paul Fresh, Roco North, Pyotr Tomek, Pat Miller, Jack Black, Sam Thomas, Joel Varga, Tom Uli
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2017

These boys are gagging for you to jam your oversized dick into their sweet, tight asses! On the bed and even on the massage table, you know these guys are going to get the happy ending they’re aching for as pulsating cocks are stroked, jerked and sucked and cute blow holes are stretched, probed and tongued before asses are upended and a rigid length is eased down that tight love tunnel! It’s a look of sheer ecstasy as heavy nuts slam against their boy-butts, with both guys in perfect harmony as they reach a sticky climax one after the other


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