The Cum Dump (2021)


The Cum Dump (2021)

The Cum Dump (2021)

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Date Added: 2021

When dumped for being a bit dull in the sack, Jeremy London doesn't get mad; he gets some tasty revenge. Over the course of three encounters with multiple partners and their hot loads, watch as this jilted dumpee goes on a fucking spree full of dicks, ass-pounding punishment, and an epic cream pie, to achieve the title of The Cum Dump! Jeremy will never be called boring again.


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Caught In The Game (2021)
Even though his cooking channel idea hasn't netted the subscribers he'd hoped for, Romeo Foxx is still plugging away at it in front of the camera trying to make it happen. Boyfriend Princeton Price knows a much better way for them to get more views. One of the main reasons Dacotah Red loves the new pledges is that they have so much to learn about frat life. Straight pledge Jackson Cooper isn't feeling it so far, and he's about to ditch out on the whole idea when Dacotah tells him he has a lot to learn. Dacotah tells him there's plenty of fun to be had with just the guys. Since the parents are out, it's time to play! Although Aspen is playing a 1 player game, this doesn't stop his stepbrother Ryan Jordan from wanting to join in. After a brief massage, player 2 joins in on the action. Dakota Payne has been running on the wrong side of the law for too long now, and it was only a matter of time before he got caught again, but luckily for him, Agent Beaux Banks is not your typical cop. He told him he'll waive the charges if Dakota can give him proper incentive to let him go.
Battle Of The Bottoms 12 (2021)
Donte Thick starts it off with a bang by servicing both Ryan Jordan and Blaine Jameson. He is super cock hungry as he goes back and forth with each of these big fat cocks taking every inch down his wet eager throat. This is Cole Weston's first time with another man as they talk and stroke each other's cocks. Our soldiers become very comfortable while naked and letting each other play with their dicks. Princeton Price compliments Cole's meaty throbbing dick and soon after he's got every inch down his throat. Kevin Grey is ready to rock out with his cock out and he is hungry for that cock so he wraps his eager mouth around Billie's hard dick. Billie Starz can't believe Kevin's skills at sucking dick as he gets deep throated time and time again. The Stax brothers, Michael and Jacob, are lean clean and full of cum. They have some meaty thick cocks and they can't wait to use them. They are stroking their big cocks next to each other isn't a big deal at all.
Feet, Socks And Sneakers (2021)
Twink Falcon is already naked and ready when sneakerhead top John tells him to lick his feet. Falcon gets on his hands and knees to lick and nuzzle John's shoes and socks then smells the inside of John's shoe and licks his socked foot before giving the top a foot job. Falcon sniffs John's shoe as the top licks his ass, then he gets on top to ride John's hard cock. John pounds the shoe-loving bottom in spoon and missionary, then Falcon sucks his cock till John cums all over his kicks and Falcon licks it off. Falcon jacks himself off and cums on John's sock, then licks it all up! Foot-lover David just can't get enough of burly stud Dee's feet. David licks and nuzzles Dee's shoes, then slides them off and worships his socked feet before getting those tootsies naked so he can lick, kiss, and suck Dee's toes. The guys trade foot jobs before David lubes up Dee's foot and slides the big toe into David's tight hole!
Boy For Sale - The Boy Austin Chapters 4-8 (2021)
Boy For Sale follows men as they’re appraised and put up for auction for the wealthy and powerful to bid upon, allowing them the opportunity to claim the ultimate prize: virginal bodies with submissive hearts. Austin Young is a small, lean boy with a smooth body and tight hole. His true purpose is to be collared and commanded by a man he can call master.
Raw Closeups (2021)
Horny teens share the couch for more than enough XXX gay porn action. The foreplay is quite naughty, and they seem pretty intrigued about some deepthroat and rimming. Something to spice things even more before they get to the anal fucking part. That's what interests them the most. A good anal bareback fuck to make them cum and splash sperm all over the place. Real intimacy between two twinks on fire. Slim lads with insane cock sucking skills. A bit of deepthroat combined with rimming to the max and they are set to ass fuck like crazy. The couch seems perfect for their kinky game, and the energy is at the highest level. Enough to keep them hard for a one-of-a-kind anal bareback shag. You can feel the lust by listening to the moans they make when fucking with such passion. Sweet ass ginger twink is in for a nasty surprise once getting naked for his male lover. Both dudes are in for a treat with fine anal bareback sex and deepthroat. The ginger is more than open to inserting the huge dick of his hay lover straight into the ass. But a bit of sloppy foreplay, deepthroat and some good rimming would sure feel good ahead of a nasty fuck
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