I Fucked Your White Boyfriend 3 - Whiteboy Smashing (2014)


Models: Blain Tutera Hot Boi Day Day Rockafella Breakz Golden Secret Jarvis Chandler Jason Hearst Jordan Jude
I Fucked Your White Boyfriend 3 - Whiteboy Smashing (2014)

I Fucked Your White Boyfriend 3 - Whiteboy Smashing (2014)

Starring: Blain Tutera Hot Boi Day Day Rockafella Breakz Golden Secret Jarvis Chandler Jason Hearst Jordan Jude
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2014

Blain Tutera is meeting up with his old homie Golden Secret. Blain is in love with that chocolate meat, taking it all in, getting fucked hard on the couch. He delivers endless ass destruction til it's time to bust some nuts! Jason Hearst is hanging out in LA when Jay Sean comes strolling down the street and Jason asks a brotha if he wants to hang out at his place. Jay Sean is down like that, pulling his pants down and whipping out that glorious big black dick. Jordan is over at Day Day's crib trying to get some green. Since the delivery was gonna be a while, Day Day thought he'd "entertain" Jordan while they wait. Of course you know by entertain he means bend him over and fuck his brains out! Jarvis is just chilling on the bed when Breakz comes from behind and pulls down his panties and starts sticking his tongue deep into Jarvis' fuck hole. Jarvis is loving all this attention and offers up his ass for Breakz to break down hard.


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