Greedy Boy: Zak Bishop Fucked RAW by Daddy Trent Summers


Models: Zak Bishop, Trent Summers

Greedy Boy: Zak Bishop Fucked RAW by Daddy Trent Summers

Bound and blindfolded, Zak Bishop is all but helpless when his hot Daddy Trent Summer arrives home. Trent’s had a long day and is eager to get his hands on his boy. He pulls on his leather gloves and runs his hands all over Zak’s body before ripping off his pants. Zak moans, eager for his Daddy’s touch after being locked in chastity all day. Trent teases his cock and soon Zak is begging to cum. Next, Zak gets pissed on and then gets his ass spanked cherry red. Finally Trent sinks into his boy’s hole and gives him a good pounding first in doggy and then in wheelbarrow. Zak blows a huge load all over himself and Trent soon follows. Trent runs his fingers through their mess and feeds it to his eager boy.

Cast: Zak Bishop, Trent Summers
Genre: Gay

Size:679MB // Length:36m // Video: 1280x720 // Format: mp4


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Raw Indulgence: Chris Damned and Johnny B.
Tattooed hottie, Chris Damned has the handsome and lean Johnny B. lying on his back, bound with rope to an all black table. Both wearing only black jocks. Chris shoves an apple in his mouth to shut him up. Chris smacks Johnny’s balls and puts clothes-pins on his arms, nipples, and his sack. Chris smacks him with a cane and climbs on top of the table for a sixty-nine suck off. Johnny’s throat gets stuffed with Chris’ girthy cock while Chris helps himself to a mouthful of Johnny’s delicious dick. After that, Johnny gets soaked in piss and then fucked raw from behind. Chris flips him over and fucks the cum right out of Johnny.
Cock Sucker Blake Gets A Treat
Trace has a special treat for his buddy Blake, and it's in his pants. The bulge is growing and needing some attention, but Blake is more than eager to get his mouth on that thing while we watch him feasting on the delicious tool from Trace's perspective. With a load of cum pumped into his mouth Blake finishes off by making a mess of himself!
Tyler Rush: Edged, Tormented and Gang Fucked in a Dirty Laundromat
The boys aren’t finished with the arrogant Tyler Rush. Now that Rocco Steel – the laundromat’s muscular owner – joined the gangbang, these dudes have the whole day to teach Tyler Rush a lesson in manners. Wearing a full rope harness on top of a folding table, Tyler takes huge cocks in his mouth & faces a dual torment of relentless edging mixed with a painful paddling. Hot wax covers his sensitive nipples, abs & thighs as the dudes edge his cock over & over. Smothered all over by strangers’ hands, Tyler Rush finally lets out a hot load before being made to eat it all. Just as Tyler sighs in relief, Rocco delivers a rough apple polishing. The lesson ain’t over yet. The guys run a train on Tyler’s ass as his head is stuck in a dryer. They peel Tyler Rush out from the dryer to give him electric shocks & face full of cum. After taking five generous loads to his bitchy face, the dudes lock Tyler away in the dryer to think about what he’s done to deserve it.
POV Cock Pleasuring Boys!
Sensory deprivation, heavy bondage and pain make Tony Orlando a happy boy. Tony Orlando is wrapped up and bound in heavy metal chains with just his feet, cock, and nose exposed. Clad in leather with his muscles rippling, Dillon Diaz strides up to Tony and inspects his cock. It’s hard already and dribbling thick sticky strands of precum. Dillon edges Tony before bringing out the crop. He spares no mercy cropping Tony’s cock, balls, chest, and ass. Tony cries for more even as he twists away from the sting of his Sir’s crop.
POV Cock Pleasuring Boys!
Blake and Trace are sharing a jack off together when Trace gets the camera out to film some of their fun. The boys are already hard and stroking, but we arrive just in time to enjoy some foot wanking as Trace used his soles around Blake's shaft. With Blake sucking on his lover and frotting their cocks together they're soon ready to spew their loads, with a facial from Trace and a stroking spurt from Blake!
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