Machine Edging: DJ Fucked & Edged By Mechanical Monstrosity


Machine Edging: DJ Fucked & Edged By Mechanical Monstrosity

He turns up the dial again the fat pink dildo literally plows his hairy ass. DJ’s huge cock is raging from the prostate stimulation as the stroker swallows it up, working him and machine-sucking him while his ass gets slammed. The stroker revs up to full blast, working his cock, taking anything DJ can give it. It quickly edges him, nearly overwhelming him, but DJ shows the machine who’s in charge by staying on top of it and resisting, feeling the cum build up in his balls, eager to shoot, but holding back.

Cast: DJ
Genre: Gay

Size:1462MB // Length:41m // Video: 1280x720 // Format: mp4


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