Hit And Run (2021)


Hit And Run (2021)

Hit And Run (2021)

Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2021

On a cold winter morning, all Princeton Price really wants is to light a fire and warm up, but something's wrong with the chimney chute, so he asks roomie Justin Matthews for some help. Oh to be young and in love! You always remember your first time. Zion Nicholas & Ryan Jordan might not have any experience, but their feelings for one another cannot be denied. When Jamie Steel happens upon a random Jeep out in the woods, he takes a closer look to make sure no one is in trouble. Turns out, Charlie Pattinson just decided to pull over on the trail and have himself a little nature session with himself. Scott Finn is hopping mad with jealousy, but truth be told, that's just what boyfriend Dante Martin intended when he made an online dating profile. Never intending to do anything other than light a fire underneath Scott, Dante has his wish when his boy toy tells him how mad he is.


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