Czech Hunter - Cum Eaters (2021)


Czech Hunter - Cum Eaters (2021)

Czech Hunter - Cum Eaters (2021)

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Date Added: 2021

Summertime opens up many fun possibilities where to hunt. Today I packed my camera and went boating on the Vltava river. There were plenty of boats around, so I started looking for cute sailors. Patrick was the first one willing to have a chat with me. Eventually, I took him to my place and sat him down on my sofa. First, I admired his beautiful cock and then he took care of mine. And that was just foreplay! I couldn't wait for things to get serious. The guy needed serious stretching. We met at the Vltava riverbank and I wasn't disappointed. David was a really handsome redhead and definitely willing to do some naughty stuff. I took them both to my place and we had an amazing time together. The boys have never tried anything gay with each other so this was a bit awkward at first. As soon as they let their penises take control, the whole afternoon became one big session of pleasuring each other. We focused our cocks on David, who got pounded pretty hard. But Kelvin's ass didn't escape unscathed, either. After a little chat, a guy out walking agreed to show me around and lose some clothes in the process. He was really cute, so I kept offering him money, which worked quite nicely. After a great outdoor blowjob, I took the dude to my place. He was incredibly shy and scared of my cock, but money was too tempting. I had to be very careful with his asshole, this virgin needed a gentle stretch before I could go all crazy at him. Don't worry, he enjoyed good pounding in the end. I even made him cum. Martin wasn't doing so well, he had no job and was staying at his friend's place because he couldn't afford to rent a flat. He wanted to be a bartender so I promised to ask my friends. This cutie had some gay experience but not that much. I was looking forward to teaching him everything. To my surprise, he didn't need much help. He was a natural talent. I rarely see people enjoy having their asses totally destroyed by my cock. Martin simply loved it.


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