Big Dicks Going Deep (2020)


Big Dicks Going Deep (2020)

Big Dicks Going Deep (2020)

Starring: Gabriel Clark, Sean Zevran, Rhyheim Shabazz, Freddie Daze, Drew Dixon, Shane Cook, Cory Kane, Carter Dane
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2020

Rhyheim Shabazz made a splash at CockyBoys when he reunited with porn megastar Sean Zevran. Their scene, featuring Rhyheim’s massive cock, left all of us wishing we were on the receiving end. We’ve made a volume including Shane Cook, Gabriel Clark & Carter Dane that will make us want big dicks going deep in us!


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Day Play (2020)
Seth Knight gets pissed when he finds his man in the bedroom stroking himself to porn, telling Princeton Price he should be doing that with him. He quickly falls onto the bed next to him and takes his cock into his mouth. Markie More and Dacotah Red are growing out their facial hair, and while they both look sexy as fuck, their reasoning is much more serious. But that doesn't mean that the two of them can't have a little fun as well. Justin Matthews wastes no time going down on Spencer Laval, filling up his mouth with a hard dick as he moans his approval. Roman Todd comes back to find his two buds have already started without him. He simply strips off his shorts and joins them, turning Justin's attention to his cock. Jackson Traynor's canvas is starting to look pretty good, but boyfriend Eddie Danger quickly lets him know he's not too interested in his painting prowess. Jackson is quiet but secretly yearning for Eddie's touch, so he's happy for the distraction when Eddie kisses on his neck and works Jackson out of his clothes.
Friendly Fire 12 (2020)
Once Claude gives the go-ahead, the boys spend a couple of minutes loosening up and fattening their cocks. As the clothes come off, Zack takes initiative and leans over for a mouthful of Quentin's beautiful dick. Ryan Jordan doesn't waste any time before returning the favor and pleasing Dominic’s salami. He looks great taking in a nice, swollen dick. Ryan has one of those lean physiques that you know packs a lot of power along with the aesthetic appeal. Brian Torrez's butt is bubbly, tan, incredible. Allen Lucas goes face deep, letting his tongue explore the uncharted area. Once he gets that hole properly excited, he works to slide his still-throbbing cock into Brian's tight ass. As Quentin Gainz enjoys Ivan James' fat dong, Colton Phobos takes Quentin's hard cock nice 'n' deep. Things heat up even further and Ivan goes back to sucking Quentin and Colton wraps his soft mouth around Ivan's throbbing dick.
Black Maled (2020)
A hard day at work can be rough, but a strong pair of hands can relieve anything. Enjoy the full treatment, where no body part is left out in the ultimate rubdown! Starring Tom Bentley, Dillion Diaz, Brodie Ramirez, Mateo Fernandez, Adrian Hart, Massyn Thorne, and Troy Thomas. Man Royale brings you four intense interracial XXX encounters that deserve your full attention!
Raw Tales (2020)
Sometimes a soldier just needs to unload more than his weapon, and such is the case for muscular, tattooed Sean Duran and fit, athletic Ricky Larkin! These good-looking men do not hold back as they suck each other’s big cocks off. Hairy-chested Ricky opens up Sean’s tight, pink hole for some explosive ass fucking until they’re both ready to bust a nut. Eddie Danger shows off his man cave to Eli Hunter and his girlfriend. They settle in to watch the big game, but Eli’s girlfriend is less than interested in sports. She falls asleep on the couch, leaving the guys to their own devices. When Eli accidentally spills a drink behind the bar, Eddie whips out his hard cock tempting Eli to suck him off while his girlfriend lies on the couch a few feet away. When Darin Silvers is left alone with his sister’s boyfriend Phoenix, he can’t help but try to prove who the sexier sibling is. He complements Phoenix’s body and starts to feel him up. Darin has Phoenix’s ass spread in no time. He pummels his sister’s boyfriend until she comes home and catches them in the act. Athletic, tattooed Brian Michaels has been waiting on muscular Spencer Whitman to arrive for hours now so they could ride together to a formal event. When brown-haired Spencer arrives, Brian is less than impressed by what he’s wearing, and demands he takes everything off and sucks his dick. Not one to argue, Spencer gets down on his knees and stuffs his mouth full of Brian’s fat cock before getting pumped doggystyle.
Twink Ass Adoration (2020)
Is there anything better than a young, pert twink ass? Well, what about a collection of them? As more than ably demonstrated in this terrific all-boy adventure that will quite literally have you drooling in appreciation. With lads like Billy Webster, Joel Vargas, and the ultra-cute Sam Brooks on display, we do not doubt our minds that your cock’s gonna be straining at the seams just as soon as the disc starts to whirr! Whether they’re a duo in the garden, a three-way in the bedroom, or a hot filthy foursome that doesn’t give a fuck where they are, these gorgeous beauties will entertain and delight in equal carnal fashion from beginning to end; ensuring a hot, sticky, satisfying climax both from themselves and their legion of fans!
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