Cruising Grounds (2020)


Cruising Grounds (2020)

Cruising Grounds (2020)

Starring: Paul Canon, Jacab Peterson, Theo Brady, Max Wilde, Tyler Wolf, Alexander Muller
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2020

The deserted beach between the water and the woods plays host to a different kind of singles' cruise. Paul Canon makes his way to the sand and sits on a piece of driftwood, jacking his huge cock in the unmistakable signal for male horniness. Soon blond twink Theo Brady appears out of the forest, greeting Paul with a hungry kiss. Paul wants to eat Theo's ass, and they find a secluded spot in the woods to spread their blanket before he continues tonguing Theo's tight hole...but not that secluded, as two more guys begin observing them! Cruising Grounds Part 2 Bareback: The deserted beach between the water and the woods plays host to a different kind of singles' cruise. Max Wilde hikes in with his blanket and plays with his cock as he watches Paul Canon eating Theo Brady's tight ass. It's not long before Max is joined by muscle-bound, bearded Tyler Wolf to enjoy the show, not to mention put on a show of their own! Tyler tongue-fucks Max's tight hole and Max deepthroats Tyler's cock before getting on all fours for a doggy style fuck. Cruising Grounds Part 3: The deserted beach between the water and the woods plays host to a different kind of singles' cruise... But it's not just for singles! Today, couple Alexander Muller and Jacob Peterson head into the rain forest together to get in on the naughty fun. The lovers take their shirts off, kissing passionately, and Jacob drops to his knees to suck Alexander's cock.


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