Big 'N Thick (2020)


Big 'N Thick (2020)

Big 'N Thick (2020)

Starring: Thor Buckner, Tiger Pounce, Harper Davis, Angel Ferrari, Russell Tyler, Jack Dixon, Marc Giacomo, Carlo Cox
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2020

Some men are cock-centric. Their world revolves around cock and how to get it. They must have it all the time, no matter what. But not just any cock. The throbbing shaft of meaty flesh between your legs must be big, and it must be thick. Lucky for Carlo Cox, Jack Dixon, Angel Ferrari, Harper Davis, Tiger Pounce, Thor Buckner, Marc Giacomo, and Russell Tyler, they’ve got it where it counts. And whether they’re giving or receiving, they know that when it comes to cock, it’s gotta be… Big ’n Thick.


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