Teach Me How To Fuck (2020)


Models: Andres, Axel, Drake, Ferdinand, Horatio, Joris, Rod
Teach Me How To Fuck (2020)

Teach Me How To Fuck (2020)

Starring: Andres, Axel, Drake, Ferdinand, Horatio, Joris, Rod
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2020

This dad and son collection features four hardcore scenes featuring mature daddies enjoying the feel of a slim and smooth boy in their arms. Cock sucking turns to bareback fucking, before each reaches climax. There's plenty of breeding, facials and cum splattered tummies in the mix, so grab this hot compilation and enjoy all the man-on-boy action it has to offer.


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Daddy's Boy Whore 6 (2020)
You are a married man and love your wife. You never look at other guys, but there is something about your stepson, isn't there? Something that makes you look. You drink in his innocence, and wonder, is he still a virgin? That's because your cock stiffened as he licked his puffy red lips, lips you suddenly long to kiss. Maybe you got hard when he bent over to pick up something off the floor. Now, your mouth waters when you look at his ass in those tight jeans. Your cock plumps up, and you ooze pre-cum when he looks at you and smiles coyly. You don't even want your wife anymore. You can't think of anything except climbing into your son's bed to deflower him, spoil him for any other man. You must fuck him, seed him. Let him know that, although other men might come after you, he will always be, Daddy’s Boy Whore.
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Hot, hung and hungry, these men don't just invite some man on man action – they demand it, and those demands usually start with Swallow Me, which is no hardship for these cock hungry dudes. They're quite happy to drop to their knees to drink down a thick meat stick whole; sucking, chewing and generally getting off as they devour the protuberance. But that's only a prelim to the main event which sees these powerful guys coming together in a flurry of intense fucking which sends each one on a helter skelter ride of pure pleasure as orgasmic delicacies rip through their strong and powerful bodies.
Daddy's Boy Whore 5 (2020)
Most men know the difference between right and wrong. They may struggle, but for the most part, they do what’s right. Except when it comes to their boys. Their stepsons might not be flesh and blood, but they might as well be. Yes, it’s taboo, and yes, it’s wrong… but is it? Especially when it feels so right to sink balls deep inside the eager, horny fuckers! Sooner or later, we all cave to temptation because the insatiable desire to fuck a tight, virgin hole is overpowering. David Lee, Alex Axel, Dave London, and Marc Born do the best they can to resist, but in the end, they are men. Horny, and in need to unload. They are men who must fuck boys like Gregor Gilead, Dominik Black, Oliver Morgenson, and Tommy Hunter. Boys with daddy issues, and long to be Daddy’s Boy Whore Volume 5.
Family Dick 17 (2020)
If you are like me, you love jerking off to stories or videos of dads having sex with their stepsons. In high school I fantasized about getting fucked by my stepdad or sucking off my stepbrother. Now I get older men to send me videos with their stepsons and I figured I had shared them with you. So, grab your dick and enjoy! In this volume, Branden finds there is no better person to spend his time with than his stepdad. Whether it is snuggling up together on the couch watching a movie or having a special night in a motel room, Branden and his stepfather discover new and exciting ways to cement their family and carnal bonds. Having a young man growing up in your house can sometimes be a challenge, but it can also be a true pleasure.
Rock Hard and Raw (2020)
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