Pushing Holes (2020)


Pushing Holes (2020)

Pushing Holes (2020)

Starring: Topher Michaels, Geoff Gregorio, Parker Logan, Dale Savage, DJ, Roman Maverick, Joel Someone, Alex Hawk, Hoytt Walker, Josh Blaze
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2020

Not only are these handsome guys Pushing Holes, they're also punishing and pleasuring the same holes with hot tongues and even hotter cocks – and it's all raw and bareback! There's no let up in the rough yet passionate action as these toned, honed and horny men come together in a steamy clinch that sees them swapping kisses whilst strong hands fondle and squeeze every inch of manly flesh. They take turns swilling each other's dicks before one virile lover spreads his butt cheeks and offers up his puckered hole that twitches in anticipation of a hard plugging. Watch as they pump and hump until they're both ready to blow wads of man-cream and both are totally spent


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