Daddies At Play (2020)


Models: Jack Dyer, Julian Torres, Jaxx Thanatos, Jay Donahue, Rego Bello, Clay Towers, Rikk York
Daddies At Play (2020)

Daddies At Play (2020)

Starring: Jack Dyer, Julian Torres, Jaxx Thanatos, Jay Donahue, Rego Bello, Clay Towers, Rikk York
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2020


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Hot House Flippers (2020)
You’ve seen home makeover shows before, but you’ve never seen anything like the hottest new binge-worthy show on the air, "Hot House Flippers." Co-directors Jasun Mark and Trenton Ducati's sex-crazed send-up of the genre featuring a crowd of nine well-endowed Hot House superstars in a job site bareback marathon. Hosts Ryan Rose and Austin Avery greet homeowner Wess Russell as they discuss renovating his new Palm Springs property into a vacation rental as their cameras capture a kick-ass crew of kinky contractors. Foreman Dalton Riley checks out his key landscaper Vincent O'Reilly to make sure they both have the right tools of the trade and fucks the daylights out of him on a break. Later Dalton Riley checks in on his drywall guy Nic Sahara, and since they're ahead of schedule, they inspect each other's equipment in a steamy blowjob swap and ass eating until Dalton drills the uncut stud with his thick meat, then Nic returns the favor.
Rocco Steele's Father And Son Secrets - Roman Orgy (2020)
Father and Son head to Rome for a family vacation. Dad wants to try out a spa for a massage he's heard good things about. The son isn't up for a massage, but want to spend as much time with dad, so he agrees to go along. From there, father and son encounter a real Roman orgy, with countless big dick men, fucking and sucking everything in sight. The action is just too hot for them not to join in. They end up getting their holes destroyed and fille dup with cum by every hung beast in the place. It's a family gathering neither will ever forget.
Young Perps 11 - Interracial Edition (2020)
American retailers lose $45 billion annually to theft. And for every dumb guy who thinks he's above the law, there's a loss prevention officer eager to get him. Watch as these criminals sweat it out before they're given a hard choice: ruin their lives and go with the cops, or get fucked hard by the officer who caught them and go free. Each scene is shot on hidden cameras, capturing every stressful moment, including interrogation, put downs, even invasive cavity searches. Coerced, humiliated, and thoroughly used, these delinquents have no choice but to bend over and take it.
Backdoor Love (2020)
These Big Rig bears know there's only one kinda love, and that's the hard and rough kind that can only be Backdoor Love! These sausage jockies aren't shy about letting their buddy know what they want and deliver the goods every time. They can't wait to show off their stuff as they spread firm cheeks and lick from sac to crack before chowing down on a hard cum stick. With power and passion, these studs are cumming in through the rear and there's no stopping them!
Boy Bangers (2020)
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