Bi Sex Mania 5 (2003)


Models: Cassi Nova, Samantha Strong, David Ashfield
Bi Sex Mania 5 (2003)

Bi Sex Mania 5 (2003)

Starring: Cassi Nova, Samantha Strong, David Ashfield
Categories: Bisexual
Date Added: 2003

You thought it was over. Well, you thought wrong! Dead wrong because BI-SEX MANIA is back! And, this time, it's personal. Every cocksmoking bisexual degenerate gets hammered with hard cock in an orgy of debauchery. No holes are safe. Every gaping anus and sweaty pussy is a target. BI SEX MANIA 5 is a non-stop, action-packed rollercoaster ride. Fun for the whole family!


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