Raw Brigade 7 (2020)


Raw Brigade 7 (2020)

Raw Brigade 7 (2020)

Starring: Sammy Nicks, Blake Effortly, Spencer Laval, Richard Buldger, Elye Black, Princeton Price, Mike Johnson, John Hawkins
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2020

Mike Johnson is eager to suck his partner’s cock. Blake Effortly pushes him down so that every inch of his hard dick is deep in Mike's mouth. John Hawkins is a beast of a man, and he manhandles Princeton Price like a feather. Princeton loves that big cock pounding him from behind as he begs him to not stop fucking his small tight ass. Once the small introduction is over, Spencer Laval and Sammy Nicks kick back on the bed and stroke their cocks until Sammy wraps his mouth around Spencer's huge throbbing dick. Elye Black loves to gag on cocks and Richard Buldger face fucks him good and hard. He can only take his ass being fucked for so long, so Richard offers his tight hole up and bends over for him.


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