The Gay Simple Life (2020)


Models: Cade Maddox, Calvin Banks, Dakota Payne, Josh Moore, Ricky Larkin
The Gay Simple Life (2020)

The Gay Simple Life (2020)

Starring: Cade Maddox, Calvin Banks, Dakota Payne, Josh Moore, Ricky Larkin
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2020

Two high-maintenance, big city hunks, British Falcon exclusive superstar Josh Moore, and East Coast fan favorite Calvin Banks, leave behind the comforts of their glamorous porn star lives and head off to rural America for a taste of “The Gay Simple Life.” Given little information other than to “be prepared for an adventure” by acclaimed director Mr. Pam, Josh and Calvin are dropped smack dab in the middle of America; Tulsa, Oklahoma! Upon arriving they learn that they must share a room with bunk beds and will be tested each day through a series of “challenges” by local gay Tulsa residents and visiting guest porn stars Ricky Larkin, Cade Maddox, and Dakota Payne. As Josh tries to master “The Big Rig Truck Driving Challenge,”



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