Hostel Takeover (2019)


Models: Justin Matthews, Mars Gymburger, Tyler Berg, Damon Heart, JJ Knight, Logan Moore, Lucas Fox, Jean Franko
Hostel Takeover (2019)

Handsome, fit Damon Heart and athletic cutie Logan Moore are looking for their room, and accidentally end up in beefy Mars Gymburger’s room. Logan quickly flashes good-looking Mars a peek of his tight hole while Damon isn’t looking. Now settled, Damon is busy giving Logan’s cock a blowjob while Mars hides, and watches the action. As soon as brown-haired Damon leaves the room, Mars slips in to rim Logan’s hungry bottom, and fuck him with his big, hung cock before Damon returns to pick up where he left off. Eventually, Damon figures out what is going on and both men decide to pump Logan’s thirsty ass with all the dick he can handle! Sexy and bearded Tyler Berg is sharing a hostel room with hunky JJ Knight and his territorial boyfriend.

Hostel Takeover (2019)

Starring: Justin Matthews, Mars Gymburger, Tyler Berg, Damon Heart, JJ Knight, Logan Moore, Lucas Fox, Jean Franko
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2019



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