Next Door Casting 2 (2015)


Next Door Casting 2 (2015)

Next Door Casting 2 (2015)

Starring: Markie More, Brandon Moore, Jacob Ladder, Pierce Hartman, Juan Lopez
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2015

Markie’s back for More, as he returns to host volume two of the explosive series that asks the question – do these newbies have what it takes to fuck like a Buddy? Muscled hunk Markie More shows yet again that he’s one of the hottest, most versatile guys in the biz, whether he’s sticking it deep to a hairy, hungry bottom or sticking his ass up for a fiery Latin lover. Our cameras have never been closer to the action than they are on the casting couch, whether we’re closing in tight to see every detail of Markie’s freshly licked hole, or staring wide-eyed newbies in the face from Markie’s point of view as they service his impressive cock below.

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Next Door Casting 4 (2015)
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