Forced Bi Cuckolds 12 (2011)


Forced Bi Cuckolds 12 (2011)

Forced Bi Cuckolds 12 (2011)

Starring: AJ Estrada, Lily LaBeau, Lily Carter
Categories: Bisexual
Date Added: 2011
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Like any other married guy, you probably enjoy the sight of your pretty young bride hungrily gobbling your knob. It's pretty hot for you, watching that cock disappear down her eager throat, right? But what about her? Maybe she wants to see that hot blowjob for a change. The only way that's going to happen is if she makes you chug her new boyfriend's cock. And believe us, she has the tools to make that happen. Don't worry; you'll love it. She'll make sure you do!

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Just imagine the look on your face when your beautiful wife broke the news: the reason her pussy has tasted so good lately is because she's been salting it with another man's spunk. That's bad enough, but whe she wants you to actually meet the guy who's been seasoning her snatch you're afraid she's stepping over the line. Rest assured; she's not. Over the line is when she forces you to personally taste test the chef that's been preparing her pussy! Bon appetit, friend!
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