Dink's Bi Sex 2 - Rectal Stretch (2010)


Dink's Bi Sex 2 - Rectal Stretch (2010)

Dink's Bi Sex 2 - Rectal Stretch (2010)

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Date Added: 2010
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Dink's Bi Sex 2 mixes it up with a tattooed stud and a girl with a big pair of tits on her. Every which way this hot 3-way action can be imagined they did it! Everyone getting sucked off, fucked and finishing up with a steamy shower to clean up after such a dirty romp in bed.

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Dink's Bi Sex (2010)
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Paul Norman, the maestro of Bi-Sex, presents a new exploration of the bi-ways and thighways of those truly nasty ladies, Sahara and Sharon. These girls are into guys who also like guys. And the guys are into girls in a big way! No input is left unplugged in this truly nasty video.
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