They waste little time with pleasantries


They waste little time with pleasantries

Actors: Trent Tarzan and Nick Gill
Categories: Gay
Length: 28 min
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Size: 752 mb

When Nick Gill walked into Trent Tarzan’s massage space, the long-haired blond muscle hunk sported a woodie in his gray sweats almost instantly. Then again, it helped that he knew Nick is thick, hung and uncut! They waste little time with pleasantries and get right down to business . After all, Nick REALLY needed that massage. The rest, well, it’s icing on the cake. Trent pours massage oil onto his palms and works Nick’s aching body. It doesn’t take long for him to get straight to Nick’s ass, kneading and massaging the meaty globes before flipping Nick onto his back.



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That tattooed twink is quiet as
Slender, tattooed twink Lewis Bright is resting with his buddy Martin Polnak. Lewis has had a crush on Martin who is quite the hunk and neighborhood stud . Martin enjoys being followed and knowing that puppies like Lewis lust after him so he encourages the young man to his place for a massage. There, his hands slippery with oil, Martin runs his hands across Lewis’s shoulders and down his spine.
Sam Brooks - A Collection
What makes a good cock slut? Ask anyone who enjoys porn and the answers will vary but to us, a good cock slut is young and cute, sweet and adorable in a nerdy sort of way, a twink who doesn’t know he’s attractive to others. A good cock slut is also a complete whore once he discovers he likes \being in the company of other young men, preferably naked, doing wonderful things to each other like kissing, sucking, licking, rimming, fucking .
After getting his hands slippery with oil
Some people begin to relax the moment they hear the word massage. Others, like Ross Mitchell, get aroused as they imagine the intimacy with some big hunk with powerful arms and strong hands working them over . Visiting Trent Tarzan, Ross gets exactly what he needs from the long-haired masseur, who’s an expert at manipulating twinks. After getting his hands slippery with oil, the blond runs his hands up and down Ross’s smooth, slender body. He’s soon massaging more than the twink’s muscles.
Muscle hunk Trent gave Justin much more
Romanticizing the past in this sepia-toned memory, Justin Alexander looks back on the erotic massage he received from blond muscle hunk, Trent Tarzan. Though at first Justin only needed some relief for his aching muscles, after Trent got done playing with his ass and fingering his hole, there was another muscle that needed some working over . Muscle hunk Trent gave Justin much more than just a massage. His hands slippery with oil, Trent gave the slender twink a handjob Justin won’t forget any time soon.
The adorable young man
Between clients, Shane Hirch works his shoulders and muscles, using his massage table as support. It’s sexy to watch the dark-haired hunk use his time so efficiently . It’s sexier still to see him dive right in when adorable and always horny Jeffrey Lloyd walks in for his much-needed massage. The adorable young man lets Shane have his way with his nipples then lays down so the hunk can slather him with oil. After getting his hands all slippery, Shane digs in, pushing down on Jeffrey’s back, shoulders and arms.
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