In this scene he’s paired with Sven Laarson


In this scene he’s paired with Sven Laarson

Actors: Shane Hirch and Sven Laarson
Categories: Gay
Length: 28 min
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Size: 942 mb

Shane Hirch is one of the most adorable twinks we’ve ever seen. Dark and beefy, he’s not your typical twink but he fresh, young, and looks as sweet and innocent as he is foul and dirty . In this scene he’s paired with Sven Laarson, a tall, lanky blond who has a fetish for sexy lingerie. After making out and feeling each other up, the two get into a mutual cocksucking session that quickly turns into some heart pounding 69 action. As you watch these two devour each other you’ll be rock hard in no time. Then, when the twinks “rock, paper, scissors” to see who gets to be on top, you’ll be ready to bust as you watch Sven eat Shane’s hairy ass.




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Spit-roasted between the two
In one of his first scenes, super twink hottie Johnny Castle is paired with muscle jock Ennio Guardi and the ever popular hung bareback top, Denis Reed. Exploring fetish with sexy lingerie and leather, the three get into a heavy make-out session, with Johnny in the middle . When the clothes come off, out comes the oil. That’s when the fun truly begins! We’re talking big, rock hard cock and Johnny’s hungry mouth as Denis and buddy Ennio take turns fucking the sweet twink’s face and throat with deep throat cocksucking! Spit-roasted between the two, Johnny is bareback fucked by Denis than tag teamed by Ennio.
Moving down to service Kevin’s balls
There’s nothing like kicking back and relaxing in the sun except maybe splashing around in a pool or sleeping in the shade. Naked, horny and playful, Kevin Ateah emerges and splatters water all over his twink boyfriend, Zac Todd . At first Zac pretends to be annoyed but he’s anything but. In fact, he’s super horny and hungry for cock once he sees Kevin’s big dick! He’s soon sucking the fat, uncut shaft and getting his face fucked. Moving down to service Kevin’s balls, it’s quite clear Zac is an avid cocksucker. But he enjoys getting serviced as well and offers up his own twink cock for Kevin to suck.
Who said you couldn’t have fun on the job?
Nick Gill, Pierre, and Nick Daniels are in the warehouse of the porn company where they work. Given the directive to sort things out, clean the place up, and organize everything, the twinks have a bit of fun with the pieces of costume they find . Between a Santa hat, Emo clothing accessories and a sexy jockstrap, the trio is soon horny and Pierre, in a gold lam? thong, drops to his knees.
Billy gets Sam on all fours and rims his sweet
Wearing a sexy pair of fetish underwear with a hole in the back and a big zipper in the front, Sam Brooks walks into the kitchen to eat a banana. As he bites into it, he’s obviously taken by the phallic shape as he’s soon wiggling his ass and fingering himself . That’s when Billy Webster walks in. Catching the twink in a horny, compromising position turns Sam on and he immediately drops to his knees. Pulling down Billy’s underwear, Sam is soon sucking on Billy’s HUGE, fat, uncut twink cock and getting his face fucked.
When jock Gabe walks in
College frat houses are always full of horny young men and you rarely, if ever, get a moment of peace to yourself. There’s always someone around playing video games, loud music, or fucking the most popular girl on campus . If you’re gay, you’ll go crazy with lust in that environment for fear of making a move or saying the wrong thing. But if there’s two of you, things are MUCH easier. Take Gabe Russel and Roberto Allegretto, for example. They’ve wanted each other from the moment they met but haven’t but able to do anything about it until now.
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