Desperately needing a massage


Models: Simon Clay and Jack Blue
Desperately needing a massage

Actors: Simon Clay and Jack Blue
Categories: Gay
Length: 28 min
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Size: 642 mb

There’s no doubt about it. Jack Blue is simply adorable! With those luscious lips, toned body, and sometimes curly hair, he looks like he might have just stepped out of a Caravaggio painting . And we’re not the only ones who seem to think so. Simon Clay shares our opinion of the sexy twink demon with the face of an angel. Desperately needing a massage, Simon is more than happy to provide Jack with what he needs, especially if it means giving him a blowjob, servicing Jack’s mouthwatering, uncut cock. The two swap blowjobs, trading back and forth before Jack presents his sweet ass for a good rim job. Again, Simon is all too happy to comply. Especially since he knows what’s coming next! That’s right. Jack gets fucked. Nice and slow and raw. Usually Jack is the one bareback fucking any twink that’ll stand still before him long enough to stick his cock in them. But this time, Jack needs a good fuck. And Simon, normally bottom, is all too happy to try out the new position. Turns out he’s a fine top, skewering Jack the way twinks should be skewered, then blowing a load of hot jizz all over Jack’s balls and into his hole. After seeding the beautiful Jack, Simon then gets a cum facial, eating some of Jack’s fresh semen.

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image description
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But there’s also a certain chemistry
A truly good massage touches you in ways you can’t even imagine. There’s the obvious connection, established once the massage therapist places his hands on your body . But there’s also a certain chemistry, or bond if you wall, that’s created when the energy is flowing between the one giving and the one receiving the massage. And if you doubt for a moment, the erotic exchange between masseuse and client, just ask Stanley Falls about his most recent experience.
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We enter Zac Hood’s studio with a twink massage already in progress. Marek Prohodil lays on the table, face in the hole while Zac works his magic on the twink’s slick body . Smooth and oily, Marek is easily positioned as the knots in his shoulders and upper body melt away. When it comes time for the lower body to get some attention, Zac removes Marek’s sexy underwear, drips oozing warm oil all over his ass and gets him slippery.
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Eastern European muscle hunk Ennio Guardi has his day booked. He's got three hot guys all coming to him for a twink massage . The beefy jock is raring to go! First up is Jimmy Brown, from London, who immediately lays face down on Ennio's table. The experienced jock then oils up his hands and starts working Jimmie's tired and sore muscles. Ennio rubs his hands up and down Jimmie's back, one hand on either side of his spine.
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