Bi Sex Party 11- Bachelor Party Bash (2010)


Bi Sex Party 11- Bachelor Party Bash (2010)

Bi Sex Party 11- Bachelor Party Bash (2010)

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Date Added: 2010
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What starts out as two separate parties soon becomes the most insane bisexual bachelor party ever, and who could blame these horny guys and girls when they know combining will provide the most satisfaction for all!? After all, at Bimaxx we know those old-fashioned bachelor parties are dead and gone. No more will one gender watch the other gender strip down. At our parties we make no distinction between the guests and the entertainment – stripping down and getting dirty is mandatory for everyone, and this party crew is more than happy to swing both ways in the process! This Euro party crew doesn't know the meaning of taboo, they just know that Bimaxx throws the best bisexual parties around and they'd be crazy to miss out – so would you! For those into the finer side of life, where you aren't afraid to explore all available options, the only place to go is BIMAXX!!


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