Except that as his hands


Models: Reece Andrews and Will Simon
Except that as his hands

Actors: Reece Andrews and Will Simon
Categories: Gay
Length: 24 min
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Size: 452 mb

Will Simon patiently awaits his massage in a quiet, comfortable room when Reece Andrews walks in. The adorable blonde pup immediately sets out to give his slender, tattooed client a serious working over . Except that as his hands, slippery with oil, travel up and down Will’s back, the twink starts moaning. This arouses Reece and he gets more daring, working the glutes, massaging his thighs, then flipping him over. When Will removes his shorts, he reveals a huge fat dick Reece just can’t resist. He starts massaging Will’s cock, stroking it to get him fully hard then sucking it before making out. It’s an intimate encounter of the sexiest kind, one which requires twink and muscled young hunk to take off all their clothes in order to bond better. Reece proceeds to massage Will’s sweet and pretty ass, working his hole before sliding cock raw inside the willing tattooed bottom to fuck him bareback. Will gets an intense prostate massage, fucked bareback then impaling himself on his hunky masseuse who sprays quite a hefty load before taking Will’s sweet jizz on his tongue.

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That’s when Tom straddles Nick
After a full day of giving twinks what they want, all Nick Vargas can think of is kicking back for a rest but he’s got one more massage. When Tom Uli appears and Nick sees the handsome, sexy and innocent-looking twink, the dark-haired hunk is immediately at attention! With his hands slippery with oil, as well as his juicy cock, Nick wastes little time in burying his uncut tool in Tom’s tiny puckered entrance . You can even hear that little splurt sound when he pushes the head of his raw cock past the ring to give Tom the bareback fuck and prostate massage he so richly deserves. The tattooed blond holds his own ass cheeks apart so Nick can go deeper but after a while, since this isn’t about Nick getting off, the toned, handsome hunk rolls Tomo over and gives the smooth hottie a blowjob, sucking him until he’s close. That’s when Tom straddles Nick, impaling himself in a reverse cowgirl that gives us the perfect vantage point to see what Nick’s thick throbbing tool looks like pumping in and out of that sweet and delicious ass! Tom is hard the entire time he’s getting fucked and while fucking himself, his own twink dick bounces up and down in a way that will make your mouth water. On his back again, Tom strokes his cock and Nick literally fucks the cum out of him before blasting him with a load of his own, which he then pushes in with his very talented fingers.
Joel and Sam cool each other down with
Remember that summer out of high school and you had your last fling before going to college or finding a job? Or maybe, if you were lucky, you traveled to Europe as a way of finding yourself and your purpose. If you’re anything like Joel Vargas and Sam Thomas, you stopped to smell the roses, as it were . In this case, the hot summer air and the scent of a freshly washed body. Joel and Sam cool each other down with a sensual sponge bath but not before heating up in a hands-on scene that’s all about touching and licking and feeling, during a time when just the hint of a breeze got you hard and you needed to get off. Relive those years as you watch Joel give Sam an amazing handjob that makes the uncut twink blow a tasty looking load before Sam returns the favor and helps his summer buddy out.
Blake is in his glory, calm and relaxed
Tomm Charlie has a new client coming to see him for a massage. Turns out to be a slender hottie by the name of Blake Burrows . He’s a cute and adorable twink with assless underwear and he immediately lays face down on the table for Tomm to work his massage magic. Tomm gets his hands all slippery with oil and starts working out these stress kinks. Blake is in his glory, calm and relaxed…except for his cock! But when Tomm removes Blake’s sexy underwear, that all changes. Tomm gets his hands around Blake’s fat piece, stroking the shaft and playing with the balls before getting him to spread his legs wide for full access. Tomm continues playing with Blake’s cock, giving him a handjob you can just about feel, as if he were jerking you off!
The beefy hunk soon has his hands slippery with oil
Pretty boy Jeffrey Lloyd is ready for his massage. When he calls out to Reece Andrews, the blond hunk comes running, ready to oblige . The beefy hunk soon has his hands slippery with oil, working them along Jeffrey’s neck, back and shoulders. A sensual creature, Jeffrey enjoys the touch and the pressure Reece applies. He’s soon on his back, his huge cock begging for attention. Reece is all too happy to give Jeffrey exactly what he needs. He gets that big dick even harder, stroking and squeezing and pulling that massive uncut twink meat. Taking off his shirt, Reece now has Jeffrey back on his stomach and while the eager twink wiggles his ass back and forth, Reece massages his glutes, squeezing and kneading the butt muscles while teasing and exposing the sweet pink tight ring that is Jeffrey’s asshole. Before long, Reece has Jeffrey on his knees, ass up in the air, to better give him that probing massage Jeffrey needs while milking his shaft at the same time. Ending with an amazing slo-mo cum shot, the scene will leave you breathless!
As sensual and romantic as it is erotic
In an idyllic countryside setting, smooth and slender twink Edy Reed awaits his massage from tall, dark and handsome, Joel Vargas. The older hunk immediately gets his hands on the pixie-like Edy and his hands are everywhere, stroking and caressing and tweaking . As sensual and romantic as it is erotic, Joel soon has the twink’s cock out, playfully sucking the sweet curved piece of meat. He’s soon feeding Edy his own cock, fucking the slender twink’s face before getting him off the chair to play with his ass. After swatting, spitting, then rimming the tender bud, Joel slides his fat cock inside the bareback bottom for a deep, rough, hard pounding. Joel’s hands might no longer be slippery with oil but his cock is slippery with spit and Edy’s ass juices as he fucks the adorable twink raw. We get to see Joel’s delicious cock penetrating and taking ownership of Edy’s little starburst, stretching it as he rides, cock swinging round and round. Joel is major league hunk, screwing and thrusting and fucking the cum out of Edy before shooting his own load, which Edy tastes and savors.
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