Black Bi Cuckolding 13 (2013)


Black Bi Cuckolding 13 (2013)

Black Bi Cuckolding 13 (2013)

Starring: Trinity St. Clair, Jada Stevens, Selena Rios, Liyla Shay.
Categories: Bisexual
Date Added: 2013
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Maybe you thought that by marrying a petite girl, she wouldn't mine that you had such a puny cock. Well, buddy you thought wrong! Sure, she may be tiny, but that just means a huge black cock is going to be that much more exciting for her! She's completely over your puny white junk and she's looking for a dick that's going to make her feel like a real woman again! The good news in all this? She's more than happy to let you watch as long as you promise to help her suck that mighty black cock!

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