Exotic Fuckers (2016)


Exotic Fuckers (2016)

Exotic Fuckers (2016)

Starring: Mike James, Billy Ricardo, Kurt Maddox, David Hanson, Felipe Esquivel, Lloyd Goldwin, Devon LeBron, Manuel Emilio
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2016

Who can resist a big, black cock? Not these horny white fuckers that’s for sure! It may be their first interracial coupling, but they’re up for anything and are drooling as they anticipate a slab of dick-meat that big sliding down their throats and up their snug, lily white asses! Watch these horny studs 69 by the pool, get on it with a threeway tagging and go black on white on the sofa in a hot foursome! After watching all this action, you’ll be agreeing with the old adage of once you go black, you never go back!

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