BI BI (2007)


BI BI (2007)

BI BI (2007)

Categories: Bisexual
Date Added: 2007
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Bi Sexual Seductions 2 (2014)
Hot studs with a hot chick! Double the anal pleasure! Boy vs. Boy playing with a girl! You ride, he'll suck!
Make Hubby Suck It - Bi Cuckold (2015)
What happens when a man works and saves his whole life with the goal of getting rich so he can have a trophy wife? Well, if he's husband #9 for Sally D'Angelo he quickly discovers the difference between a trophy wife and a trophy whore wife! Thinking he got a perfect church going and virtuous trophy wife with his millions and arriving home early from work eager to have a romp in the hay, he finds the bedroom door closed and strange voices emanating from within. Realizing Sally is with another man, he bursts in with intent on breaking it up! But powerfully dominant Sally quickly puts down his protests and questions by demanding that he suck her lover's now flaccid cock back into an erection for her to fuck! Overwhelmed by her powerful demeanor, he succumbs to her demands as Sally laughs at him and directs his licking and sucking so as to make her lover spring back to life.
100 Percent Bi Dans Tout Les Trous (2014)
Check out the latest from HPG Prodcution, 100 Percent Bi Dans Tout Les Trous, featuring the hottest babes in action from France!
Dave Sebastian's Bi-Fuck Creampie (2014)
Dave Sebastian’s Bi-Fuck Creampie is sure to satisfy and leave you hungry for more. These hot MMF threesomes catch the thrill of a true bi-fuck experience. Each scene has enough sucking, fucking, eating, and cumming to make you wish you were caught right in the middle of every single slutty second.
Bi Forced Cuckold Gang Bang 7 (2015)
My girl ambushed me last week. She has been unhappy with our sex life and constantly tells me she needs a real man. But never did I think she`d make me watch her get gang banged and make me suck another guys dick to teach me a lesson. And never did I think I`d enjoy it so much!
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