Bi Sex Party 21 - Bi-Pool Excess (2012)


Bi Sex Party 21 - Bi-Pool Excess (2012)

Bi Sex Party 21 - Bi-Pool Excess (2012)

Starring: Angelo Guardi Tonny White Terri Adel Sunshine Gabrielle Gucci Gina V.
Categories: Bisexual
Date Added: 2012
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Bimaxx brings you another buffed-up crew looking for a seriously hardcore orgy. Four beautiful bikini babes and eight muscle stud guys can’t be wrong. After they show off their ideally sculpted bodies in a small friendly competition, they’re ready for the ultimate fuck-off, bodybuilding style. They put all those muscles to good use tearing through each other in another amazing orgy from the best producers in the business, Bimaxx!

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