Mis-Matched And Raw (2015)


Models: Aaron Tyler Cody Banks Dave Merritt Jeremiah Maxx Jon Lee Gaven Morgan Tristan Blake Manchester Marriot
Mis-Matched And Raw (2015)

Mis-Matched And Raw (2015)

Starring: Aaron Tyler Cody Banks Dave Merritt Jeremiah Maxx Jon Lee Gaven Morgan Tristan Blake Manchester Marriot
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2015

Aaron and Gaven are showering together when their passion flares and cocks harden. Taking the momentum into the bedroom, Gaven lubes up Aaron’s tight ass with his tongue, then slides his big raw cock deep inside Aaron who’s a pro at big and thick cocks. Nothing better than watching these two pros kiss, suck, fuck and cum! Dave is a 6’8” basketball player with a proportional sized cock to match. Dave has been in some other videos for us, but never a jack off scene. Come to find out, Dave likes cock up his ass. It’s not long before the cameraman’s cock is deep inside his tight ass, fucking him hard and raw. Cody and Jeremiah met at the University's water polo match and are re-enacting their first date on camera.

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